Topsail Beach, NC

Back in May of 2005, quite a stir was created when news reports began circulating that Topsail Beach had no law banning topless sunbathing.  Police Chief Ricky Smith confirmed the reports and added it hasn’t ever been an issue in the past.  Topless sunbathers usually find a secluded portion of the beach and when not, police officers will continue to urge topless bathers to move to a more secluded portion of the beach.

The question is, even if it is legal, do people really practice topless sunbathing on Topsail Beach?  The answer is, it’s not very common.  According to a few different travel and top free forums, it is pretty unusual to see topless sunbathing on Topsail.  However, one report did say that a few couples had been observed enjoying top-freedom on the southern most point of the island.  This agrees with Chief Smith’s comment that topless sunbathing is directed to the more secluded south end of the beach.