In America

Below is a list of places in the US where topless sunbathing is permitted. 

Close but no stars and stripes

While topless sunbathing remains the exception and not the rule on US beaches, many Americans are forced to look beyond the US boarders for topless opportunities.  Below is a list of places close to but still outside the US where topless sunbathing is permitted.  The list is not all inclusive and will be updated over time.  If you have a particular place in mind you’d like added to the list below, please submit feedback.


Key West, FL

Where you’ll find the southernmost point in the continental US along with topless sunbathing

Las Vegas, NV

Sin City has never shied away from nudity.  No surprise that topless pools are becoming commonplace.

Miami Beach, FL

Home of arguably the most famous topless beach in the US, America’s Riviera: South Beach.

Topsail Beach, NC

North Carolina has always been known for its beautiful beaches. Topsail Beach just upped the ante a bit and added more scenery. 

San Diego, CA

Black’s Beach, a clothing optional beach, shows up frequently on top topless beach lists.

Gunnison Beach, NJ

One of the most frequented clothing optional beaches in the US.

Saint Martin (Caribbean)

A direct flight from many US east coast cities, all the beaches on this French island are topless.